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1 Aesops Fables Penn.pdf 501k 6939.8 days e2a75be71b4e2271363a30df2e6d31a5364686e5  
2 Bulfinch's Mythology.pdf 1.6M 6939.8 days d6320857d7f4beb2e503244cf7e32f115192a8bd  
3 Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs.pdf 285k 6939.8 days d028f486a76ba21031afa62805a28fdb62521a46  
4 Dutch Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis.pdf 191k 6939.8 days 74805be64ccbad7577418564c3e5004198198009  
5 Fairy Legends and Traditions.pdf 364k 6939.8 days 5b42c56ec8c033d5199a5d46403acfe11e0fc6cd  
6 Grimms Fairy Tales.pdf 1.2M 6939.8 days 40f8a17815166d915d4b8f121b1432e04e0b620d  
7 Hindoo Tales.pdf 207k 6939.8 days 9ad65497aa9100003c3be5b6bf2afcbc18361d52  
8 Icelandic Poetry or the Edda of Saemund.pdf 421k 6939.8 days dceffd748852abf3f6e575981a0072181886de2c  
9 Indian Fairy Tales.pdf 290k 6939.8 days 2b70575747ac1747d9a178d9d2c27bf431fe4c86  
10 Legends That Every Child Should Know.pdf 290k 6939.8 days e3bc58fc9bd76332293248ceb87c438669c6f25a  
11 Legends of Babylon and Egypt.pdf 364k 6939.8 days 57b1c905ac07480acc0d0f5aadd02b94b9d16345  
12 Legends of the Gods by E.A.Wallis Budge.pdf 670k 6939.8 days 1fbad839fdc5ab2cbddb0b3590876115cbac0032  
13 More Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs.pdf 237k 6939.8 days 90d9c25bb1db0c51df73925b67981c69be1a3fd2  
14 Old Greek Folk Stories Told Anew.pdf 122k 6939.8 days f3ffb7023b7b5ab165886d4d85f5fe651b4465bb  
15 Poetic Edda.pdf 2.4M 6939.8 days fa70220a08f3a094391aa3687c3361e8ec42f08b  
16 The Welsh Fairy Book by W. Jenkyn Thomas.pdf 274k 6939.8 days 96918607d8a5ae230cc9af3f82d99d21fee094f7  
17 Welsh Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis.pdf 179k 6939.8 days adba60910b08e0f079fb94e74d8d864784d57629